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Profit by changing behaviour


Epiphanies - our mission

Epiphanies is a boutique consultancy which provides learning development programmes in the areas of leadership and performance for blue chip companies across the world.
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Trusted business partner

We pride ourselves on being a trusted business partner. The sort of team you can turn to, hand over the problem and focus on something else knowing we will come up with the goods.
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Maverick Thinking

Maverick thinking is unorthodox or independent minded thought that challenges the assumptions we make about ourselves and the constraints others put on us.
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Profit by changing behaviour

We help individuals and teams behave in a manner more likely to deliver your business outcomes. We call this “profitable thinking".
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Our People

Our team brings together maverick thinkers, leadership gurus, international speakers and facilitators with a wide range of multi-national and multi-cultural expertise.
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