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Profit by changing behaviour


Epiphanies - our mission

We are a U.K. based learning and development consultancy. We help people think and act profitably. We do this through developing their knowledge and skills in innovation, management and leadership. We focus on driving sustainable improvement in business performance. We work with individuals, teams and organizations around the world.
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Trusted business partner

We pride ourselves on being a trusted business partner. The sort of team you can turn to, hand over the problem and focus on something else knowing we will come up with the goods.
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Maverick Thinking

Maverick Thinking is unorthodox or independent minded thought that challenges the assumptions we make about ourselves and the constraints others put on us.
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Profit by changing behaviour

We help individuals and teams behave in a manner more likely to deliver your business outcomes. We call this “profitable thinking".
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Our People

Our team brings together maverick thinkers, leadership gurus, international speakers and facilitators with a wide range of multi-national and multi-cultural expertise.
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